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Ithaca is at the leading edge in EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING. We nurture and hold Safe Spaces so that deep, authentic, meaningful dialogue can take place. By dialogue we mean listening with an open mind and heart – dialogue is often confused with “debate”. Facilitating authentic and deep dialogue in Safe Spaces in turn nurture exploration, sharing and story telling of often difficult, challenging and sensitive issues about ourselves, relationships and issues we and community face.

Over the years, our clients have entrusted us with their growth and development in the following areas: 

  1. Diversity education (inter-ethnic, multicultural & inter-faith education) 

  2. Cultural Intelligence (CQ) – accredited to the Cultural Intelligence Centre USA 

  3. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) – accredited to Multi-Health Systems USA’s EQ i-2.0

  4. School Based Peer Mediation

  5.  Service learning (internationally and within Singapore)

  6. Leadership & team development 

  7. Environmental education 

  8. Adventure education 

  9. Facilitator Training

  10. Facilitation of Retreats & Conferences( including Open Space Technology/Unconferences)